Sphaeres VR

Intro: Escape the stress & noise of everyday life and find some desperately needed peace and quiet in the fully immersive Spheres VR 360° Video Experiences. 9 VR Experiences & over 100 minutes of high-resolution 360° videos in the categories Relaxation, Travel and Pure Nature delivered by the latest viewport adaptive streaming technology so you get to experience the most... Read More

Pain Relief

Intro: Several studies have been conducted to assess the effectiveness of Virtual Reality to reduce pain and general distress. While the mechanism by which it works is still not fully understood, the studies have shown that it can help, in part, because it functions as a fully immersive distraction. With this application, you can choose between two virtual locations and... Read More

Guided Relaxation VR

Intro: Enjoy a refreshing virtual vacation across 15+ exotic destinations with Guided Relaxation VR. Stereo 5k resolution, super-sampled brings these inspiring natural environments to life in high-resolution detail. Experience instant relaxation in luxury destinations across the world. From Hawaii’s tropical beaches to Iceland’s majestic waterfalls, your next trip is a minute away. Enhance your experience with simple but powerful visual... Read More