Space Stalker

Intro: Space Stalker VR is mobile virtual reality sci-fi shooter-adventure game with cutting-edge visuals and immersive gameplay. Navigate your ship, avoid and destroy various traps and enemies, hunt for mysterious artefacts, survive deadly chases using different weapons and tactics, grab your rewards and upgrade ship to get ready for next challenges - plenty of exciting gameplay mechanics creating ultimate VR-experience.... Read More


Intro: SwingStar VR allows players to swing around a virtual reality world using a giant sticky hand attached to their head. The game is a third-person swinging physics puzzler that puts players through a wild ride, accelerating the player as they swing. It's wacky and super fun. A disaster has mutated physics, you must save your home multiverse by ringing... Read More


Intro: Soar through the realm of the Sanctuary, take a gentle flight and relax or rocket through the clouds past bird and boulder. For the beginning there are slow and gentle flights you can take on the easy levels; but for a hardened gamer there are also much faster and more challenging levels that can be unlocked. You play the... Read More