Eclipse: Edge of Light

Intro: Crash-landed on a sentient planet, you awake to discover a dreamscape world filled with alien wonder and the remains of a betrayed civilization. You find a powerful relic, the Artifact, that can interact with ancient technology and grant you near-magical powers. Just what secrets does the planet harbour? What cataclysm befell its inhabitants? Use your jetpack-equipped space suit to investigate the ancient ruins uncovering the planet's perplexing past. Immerse yourself in a fascinating and memorable new world. Can you rise to the challenge and solve the haunting riddle of this mysterious place?

Comfort Level: Moderate
Internet connection: Not Required
Number of Players: Single Player
Genre: Adventure
Space required: 1.98 GB
Supported Controllers: Oculus Go Controller
Age Rating: PG
Price: £7.99 ($10)
Movement: 360
Playing Position: Sitting or Standing
Oculus Go Gold Award

Eclipse: Edge of Light
Eclipse: Edge of Light
Eclipse: Edge of Light

Review: Eclipse: Edge of Light is not just a good game, it's an excuse to buy an Oculus Go it is that good. With full motion controls including a jetpack and some truly awe-inspiring graphics, it is probably one of, if not the best-looking Oculus Go games you will ever play. It really does raise the bar on what you can expect from the Oculus Go and will hopefully encourage more game developers to use full-motion controls. While some might find it a little overpriced for a few hours of content, but if you take your time and inspect everything you will enjoy it a lot more and get into the full flow of the storyline. But if you fly through it you might be left feeling a little disappointing. So relax, take your time and play Eclipse: Edge of Light because its games like this that make me believe VR is indeed the future.

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