Sphaeres VR

Intro: Escape the stress & noise of everyday life and find some desperately needed peace and quiet in the fully immersive Spheres VR 360° Video Experiences. 9 VR Experiences & over 100 minutes of high-resolution 360° videos in the categories Relaxation, Travel and Pure Nature delivered by the latest viewport adaptive streaming technology so you get to experience the most... Read More

Dark Mechanism

Intro: Travel through clockwork gears and use your gaze to dodge obstacles, collect perks, and avoid touching the Mechanism. With a variety of upbeat music tracks, infinite levels, epic scale clockwork rooms and obstacles, you'll enjoy travelling at high speed and testing your reactions and focus. Keep your eyes ahead of the game, don't touch anything, and survive the Mechanism... Read More


Intro: Ready for a sensational and unforgettable experience? Fly through the skyscrapers of a city almost 8 km2 big in total freedom, take advantage of the wind tunnels to gain speed and tackle the steepest routes. Collect the highest number of points possible to increase your level, choosing between "time challenge" and "best score" game modes, but be careful: in... Read More